Sunday, October 25, 2009

Father Knows Best

Breakfast was an egg in a basket, and coffee. I wanted grapefruit, but I'm saving it for tomorrow. We made our way over to my parents house for Sunday lunch. While preparing the feast we drank wine and ate apples, cheese, and crackers.My dad did the bulk of the cooking today. Here he is putting twice baked potatoes in the oven while we sat around and drank wine.They came out of the oven perfect. They're stuffed with onions, bell pepper, cheese, and bacon.Also on the menu, salad my mother made:
Steaks grilled to perfection on the George Foreman
And we moved on to Chimay for lunch.My plate:

After this, we had coffee and I shared a cookie with my mother. I think I had most of it though.
I drove home very sleepily and collapsed. After I awoke I had a leftover enchilada (expect to see this for lunch tomorrow too). I love that green sauce! I'm drinking a mocktail of cranberry-grape juice and club soda.
"I'll have another cointreau and sody."
Has anyone seen "The Big Picture"? Not a great movie, but a few funny lines.

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Elena said...

Hi Beans,

You have definitely improved the sacred chicken enchilada recipe!

I was amazed to see the "cointreau and sody" reference. I was reminiscing about that scene this morning!