Friday, October 16, 2009

Duang Tawan

Theme of the day: No cooking!

One good thing about blogging is that I realize how many packaged foods I can consume in a day. (I also keep a food diary for calorie purposes, but I don't always step back and really consider what I'm eating.)
Breakfast: This morning I had a Chobani strawberry with half a banana.
On the side I enjoyed a few Puffins.
Snack: mini Cashew Cookie Larabar.Workout Woes:
My workout today wasn't super great. I felt like I should've had a rest day, although I often feel like I don't deserve rest days because I'm not yet where I want to be physically.
Most of the advice I read about running and aerobic activity is intended for healthy, active people. I feel like I should push myself and workout more than someone who is at their desired weight. I read an article recently that stated people who are looking to lose weight should aim for 250 minutes of exercise a week. This is what I've been going for, although I've read a few articles that say that is overtraining. I don't know what to think.
/end rambling

My lunch was also out of a package.
I'm going to try to make these myself. It might be simple enough to make a batch and freeze them for emergencies. The only thing I'm not sure of is corn masa. I've never made that before.

I had a snack later of the other half of the banana and a Mojo bar. The Mojo was tasty. I love salty and sweet!
Dinner: It was a surprise dinner date! Mr. S told me he was bringing me to the cafe, and we ended up driving to our favorite restaurant, Duang Tawan. They are a sushi and Thai restaurant in Baton Rouge, on the corner of Sherwood and Coursey. We haven't been in quite a while. The sushi is what made us try them years ago, and the curry is what keeps us going back. It is to die for!
We shared a sushi roll for our appetizer. It was a JB roll (Japanese Bagel). The ingredients were simple, classic and tasty: salmon, cream cheese, and scallions. The chef makes excellent hand rolls as well.
I wanted to try something new, but I ended up sticking with one of my old favorites: Panang Curry with shrimp. (The rice was added after the photo-op.)
The coconut milk makes it creamy and sweet, the dried pepper flakes add a mild kick, while the lime leaves add an interesting subtle flavor.

Did you know I have a lime tree? I bought it to use the leaves in curry. The only con to Panang Curry is that there aren't many vegetables, only a couple tiny slivers of red bell pepper. I know that that's the way it's supposed to be, so I shouldn't complain. I stole a few of my date's green beans and eggplant. Here's his Pad Ped Pork:
One other thing I like about Duang Tawan is they use seasonal vegetables, and sometimes throw in a little surprise to your dish. (Like sweet potato, eggplant, etc.) It always compliments the dish, and feels like a bonus.

Off to watch "The Soup" and drink a Sam Adams!
P.S. Later on this night I had a couple of these:
And a piece of plain pepperoni pizza from Schlittz & Giggles, which is a bar and pizza joint located in downtown Baton Rouge.
I blame it all on Mr. Greens.

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