Saturday, October 10, 2009


This morning I slept in the latest I have in recent history. I felt a little guilty about it since I have so much to do.
For breakfast I had another Hot Mess of Oatmeal (HMO). Contents: steel cut oatmeal topped with shredded coconut, raisins, a few salted cashews, and peanut butter chocolate chips. A tad rich, but I ate it all. You better believe it! I can't wait for cold weather when oatmeal is really appreciated.
After breakfast, and hanging out with my babies, I ran errands. I was on a quest to find Pumpkin brews for tomorrow. I had no luck whatsover. Ugh. I went to a local store (Calandro's), a major grocery store (Target), and Whole Foods. Not one of them had Pumking or Punkin' Ale.
I also swung by the fruit stand. By the time I got home I was worried about the temperature of all of the groceries, so I just put everything up instead of taking pictures.
I had a date, so I quickly scanned the cupboards for food. My coworker had given me a piece of boudin yesterday, so I decided to heat it up. Boudin is usually a spicy pork and rice dressing inside a thin sausage casing, of cajun origin. This link was from Lafayette - known for their boudin!It's usually eaten by squishing it out of it's casing. I know that it looks disgusting, but that's part of the charm.Haha!

I also ate most of a Spiced Pumpkin Pie Clif Bar, and then hopped on my bike to meet up with my friend Anne.
Anne and I usually meet on Saturdays at Highland for coffee. During the football season we have to be a little creative, since Highland is in the North Gates of LSU. And NO WAY are we going there on a game day. We've decided to try out a couple of other local and maybe not so local cafes. Tonight we went to PJ's. They're a chain based in New Orleans. I got a plain soy latte.PJ's is on the left in the above picture. I just really wanted to get those live oaks in the shot!

We sat outside, and our view was of the old Hilton hotel which is still in service. I watched some bellhops hackysack. It looked like fun.And down the street was the Mississippi River. (I couldn't really get a good picture because of the levee). And the Old State Capitol was to the left, which looks like an old russian castle.We had fun. Anne just bought a motorcycle. I'm jealous!After a couple of hours, we parted ways. I got on my bike and rode around a little while. It actually felt good outside. The temperature has dropped a little bit.
I had a tuna burger with sprouts and avocado when I got home. On the side I had a few grape tomatoes, a slice of cantaloupe, and a few Olive chips.
I've got to go do laundry. Ick!

*Interesting Link (no pun intended?) - Boudin Ratings Site

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