Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Plea For Bagels

Dear New York Bagel Store Owners,
Please start a store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You are needed, and would do really really well. Thank you,
I went to NY this summer, and man do I miss those caloric, carborific bagels!
This morning we grabbed a late breakfast from the only bagel place in Baton Rouge: New York Bagel Co. (If you get a bagel from a coffee shop or restaurant around here, chances are it's from NY Bagels.)
I got an everything bagel with lox, cream cheese, capers, and onions. It came with a pickle and a side of bagel chips.It's tasty, but nothing like the bagels I had on Long Island. Also, I only ate half. There was someone with me who was willing to take care of the rest.
After breakfast we headed straight to my parents. Even though I was not successful on my ultimate pumpkin beer quest, I still brought over a mixed 6 pack. Two each of the following: My dad and I promptly split a Sam Adams Oktoberfest.We ordered Chinese takeout, and had a few more samplings.
On my plate: spicy shrimp with pork fried rice, chicken on a stick, spring roll, and bean curd schezuan style.After lunch, we drank a little blueberry port. This bottle is all the way from Long Island.
Dinner was slightly ambitious, but fun. I decided to roast another chicken with a bunch of root vegetables. This time I used a russet potato, a sweet potato, several carrots, an onion, and lots of garlic. The smell was incredible.
Before that was done, I made juice. Boyfriend is feeling under the weather, and I figured the power of juice could heal him.
I used a grapefruit, 2 gala apples (I held onto the 2 smallest for snacks), a carrot, and 5 small oranges.
This is the wrong way to cut an orange, for sure, but aren't they pretty?
My favorite part about homemade juice is how creamy and frothy it is.
See you tomorrow!

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