Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Shopping + Enchiladas

It was a late night the night before, so we decided upon breakfast away from home as a treat. We went to Zeeland Street Market, a local neighborhood joint that serves breakfast and lunch. I would describe the menu as eclectic southern home cooking, part comfort and part healthy.
We both got BESTs- bacon, egg, sprout, tomato sandwiches on wheat toast. My sandwich was awesome, except it had mayonnaise on it, and it was the sweet stuff. Next time I'll order no mayo for sure, since I'm not a big fan of Miracle Whip. They're not stingy with the sprouts, unlike some restaurants.
It hit the spot. We ate our sandwiches while driving, which I hate, but we drove to my favorite coffee shop and got drinks, so all was forgiven. I forgot to take a picture of my drink, but here's an old one:
After drinking this I was geared up to do my shopping for the day. I hit up Target, Albertson's, and Fresh Pickins.
Fruit from FP: California Valencia oranges, Bartlett Pears (cheap!!!), unwaxed apples, and limes (for drinkies)
Veggies: broccoli, carrots, grape tomatoes, large onion, avocado (stone fruit really), beets.
and the prize - - - - - an Acorn Squash Fun stuff from Target and Albertson's included: Pomegranate fruit strips, Food Should Taste Good The Works! chips, Kashi bars, nice jam (on sale), cheese, and Clif bars.Then for a late lunch, I ate some leftover stirfry, but added frozen green beans.I'm trying to put a dent in the freezer and cabinet while buying more crap every week!
After the stirfry I ate one of the Kashi bars. I see a lot of the pumpkin pie ones in blogland, but decided to try the dark chocolate coconut. Pretty good!
Also - I scoured all of the stores looking for the Celestial Seasonings Holidays teas to no avail. I guess it's just not cold enough here for Holiday drinks.

We made some juice as a snack, and because both of us are fighting a virus. This juice was supposed to be for breakfast, but we skipped out and ate bacon instead. :)
The ingredients included several Texas navel oranges, 2 carrots, a red delicious and a granny smith apple from the corner store, a grapefruit, and a quickly deteriorating pear.It was gooooood.
For dinner I made a childhood favorite: my mother's famous chicken enchiladas. I have a copy of the sacred recipe preserved.
Chicken breasts
8 oz sour cream
grated cheese
can of green chilies
condensed cream of chicken soup
flour tortillas

Cook chicken, cut in pieces. Mix together on low heat sour cream, cheese, chilies, and soup to make sauce. Soften tortillas in skillet. Spread a little bit of the sauce on the bottom of casserole dish. Place chicken in tortillas, spread sauce inside, roll up, put in pan, cover with remaining sauce. Sprinkle cheese on top. Cover with aluminum foil, cook at 350 for 20 minutes.

Oh enchiladas, how I love thee! I use four small chicken breasts, but feel free to use any chicken bits (or whatever) you have. The sour cream this time was light, but I would like to try greek yogurt or cottage cheese. As for the cheese - as easy as possible, a bag of preshredded "mexican blend" cheese. (What am I, Rachel Ray?) The green chilies is up to the cook, and I prefer to use as many as possible (i.e. the BIG can). Cream of whatever soup will work. And lastly, tortillas: I prefer the small fajita/soft taco size as they fit in my pan nicely, but this time I picked up 2 packs of large tortillas just in case we made burritos. I used 9 or 10 tortillas,
I made some alterations this time. I added black beans, wild rice, black olive, and red bell pepper. Also, I usually just mix all of my ingredients together and use as a filling because it's easy.
Tonight I topped it with a green taco sauce (tomatilla based) and a little cheese. Still very rich and delicious.Yum Yum Gimme Some!
Unfortunately Mr. Greens had to work all evening. I've been cleaning, but I think I'm ready to retire with a good book and maybe a treat. Or two!Has anyone had these?
When I was looking at the Kashi bars these little things popped out at me as a must try. They are 80 calories a bar, and quite good if you have self control. I don't know if I do!

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